How do I qualify to become eligible for future campaigns?

You must complete your online registration form and keep your personal profile updated on your influencer portal on the byc.cash website.

What kind of individuals are eligible?

We accept all individuals and by completing our online registration process, we learn a lot about you, which enables us to match your profile perfectly to prospective advertisers.

What will improve my changes of being selected?

Personal information and social media information change constantly, so keep your influencer portal updated.

How will the information in my application form be used?

We do not share your information with any third parties. Your information is used by advertisers to determine their selection by assessing if your lifestyle and habits correspond with their campaign objectives. Your privacy is respected and you will have access to your data whenever you want to modify, update or delete it.

Can I cancel my agreement before expiration?

If you are selected by a brand, we will first give you the opportunity to confirm your participation in the campaign. Once you agree to participate, you are required to adhere to the agreement until it expires. You may cancel your membership after your campaign has been completed. Alternatively, you may choose to remain in our database and be selected by another advertiser to earn more cash in future.

How will I be paid?

Every month of an active campaign, you will be required to complete certain social media scenes, submit current pictures of your vehicle (in the case you carry advertising on your vehicle), the odometer reading, and answer some questions. You will then be paid according to the terms agreed to, by means of an EFT into your bank account. Additional incentives may be payable on some campaigns for participation in certain activation-type activities.

How much can I expect to earn?

Payment depends on various factors, including the rate paid by the advertiser, type of car, location and campaign duration. You can expect to be paid anything between R1 000 and R4 000 per month.

What expenses will I incur by participating in the programme?

None. Registration is completely free. You can only earn money by participating.

Will I have any special instructions or be restricted from certain activities?

No, but because you will be a brand influencer, we expect you to act respectfully and represent the brand accordingly.

When invited, can I choose to participate or not?

Of course. If you are selected for a campaign, we would give you a sneak peak of what the campaign is about. You may reject the invite should you not feel comfortable with it and remain eligible to be selected by another advertiser.

How long will it take for me to be selected?

It all depends on how long it takes for an advertiser to be looking for someone just like you. This can take some time, but being part of a large media giant makes it easier, as we deal with advertisers from across the economy. As more advertisers sign up for the programme, your chances increase dramatically. We wish we could speed up the process for everyone, but it’s unfortunately not always possible. The more brands we get, the better your chances are. Spread the word and sign up today!

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one.

How will I know if I’ve been selected for the programme?

You need to keep an eye on your emails.  Once your profile matches one of our advertisers objectives, we will send an online invitation to notify you.

How do I update my information?

If any of your details change, you can update them on the byc.cash website. Log in to your influencer portal with your email address and password and update your details accordingly.

Will I be required to participate in the social media scenes?

Yes, that is a requirement and it’s a whole lot of fun.  We would love for you to share the brand you are representing with your online community as well.

How have people liked being in the programme?

Participants love it! You get to be part of a new advertising revolution and earn cash while you’re at it.

What happens if I move? Will I still be eligible for the programme?

Yes, if your profile changes, you can still participate. Simply notify us of any changes by updating your profile on our system regularly. If you are already participating in the programme, we will make every effort to keep you on board.

Can my vehicle be damaged when the vinyl is removed?

If the application and removal are carried out by our team of professionals, the risk of damage is negligible. We provide insurance cover to ensure that there is no cost to you in the unlikely event of your vehicle having any resultant damage.

Does it affect the warranty on a vehicle?

Usually not, but it is advisable to check with your warranty provider first.

Does it matter what colour my car is?

No, you cannot see through the car wrap. In certain campaigns, certain car colours are required to match the creative. Therefore, we need different coloured cars on our database.

Do you wrap the front and side windows?

No, we won’t cover the front or side windows.

How will my driving be tracked?

You will be required to provide a monthly photo, a verification code and your car’s odometer reading. We could also schedule random inspections from time to time to verify odometer readings and ensure that the wrap remains applied and in good condition. Remember that your vehicle stands out in the traffic, so take extra care to drive responsibly as you are a representative for the brand.

How long will it take to wrap a vehicle?

Depending on the design and the surface being applied, it can take anything from 30 minutes to 8 hours. Our specialists will make an appointment with you, at your convenience.

How long will I be compensated for having my vehicle branded?

As long as your vehicle carries advertising, you will earn a monthly income, paid in arrears. We offer our clients contracts from 1 to 12 months, depending on their campaign and budget, and your compensation will be based on this contract and the agreement with you.

Do I have to drive a certain amount of kilometres?

You only have to drive your normal amount of kilometres. When registering, you will indicate your average monthly distance travelled, which will be used as a benchmark.

Do I need vehicle insurance?

No, you don’t.

Do I have to do anything besides drive my car?

No, just drive your car on your normal routes. There may be times when our advertisers want to involve you in special requests, but you will be informed about this before the campaign starts. Most campaigns also incorporate social media elements, which are great fun and allow you to make more money. As an influencer of the company that you represent, we will inform you about the company and product in order to talk to friends, relatives, colleagues and others about the brand, and may also provide you with free samples to hand out. If the advertiser needs additional promotional activities, we will review the requirements with you at the time and change the incentives linked with your contract or agreement.

What if I realise I don’t like driving a wrapped car? Can I remove the wrap?

Not until the campaign has come to an end, as the advertiser has invested time and money into the material used on your vehicle. We are confident that after we discuss the programme with you and you approve the client that you are matched with, you will love the programme. We have had nothing but great feedback from our participants. If you have branding on your vehicle and you don’t like it, we can arrange to remove you from the database at the end of the campaign so you won’t be eligible for future campaigns.

What happens if I get in an accident?

You need to contact BYC or your campaign coordinator within 24 hours and give an indication of the severity of the accident. We will take the necessary action to replace or fix the advertising on a case-by-case basis.

What happens if the wrap on my car gets damaged or vandalised?

You need to contact BYC or your campaign coordinator within 24 hours. We will make appropriate arrangements to replace the damaged sections of the wrap.

How long does the same ad stay on my vehicle?

An advertisement may stay on your car for between a few months to a maximum of 1 year. If your vehicle needs to be re-wrapped, BYC will make the arrangements and notify you with the details. The longer the campaign, the longer you get monthly cash!

What will my wrapped car look like?

Your car will be wrapped in a digitally printed, high-quality vinyl. The advertisements will be bright, bold and visually pleasing. For examples, take a look at our gallery.

How do I contact someone at BYC?
What company will advertise on my vehicle?

The range of companies that utilise BYC spans a wide spectrum from various sectors, including e-business, banking, insurance, telecommunications, music & entertainment and consumer products. Very few companies are excluded from advertising on vehicles.

It looks like there are graphics on the windows, will I still be able to see through them?

Yes, the window graphics allows you to see out from inside.